Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hidden Art

One of the books that has been most influential in my life is "Hidden Art" by Edith Schaeffer, the wife of philosopher Francis Schaeffer. She writes about how to make your home inviting using simple creativity, making centerpieces out of things from nature or from children's artwork. She suggests that if you don't have time to take music lessons, put on some Beethoven or sing a song. If you are too busy to be the great artist you wish you could be, draw pictures for your kids (or in my case, nephews and nieces.) This book taught me so much about contentment, and has given me the freedom to be creative in my home.
        In that spirit, a few weeks ago I made this centerpiece for some friends coming over for dinner:

The white pitcher I bought at the Rock (a local church) Thrift Store for a $1. The oranges are from our orange tree outside, and the yellow flowers from a bush which hangs over the fence from the nursery behind our house. The pewter salt shakers and candle holders were lent to us by Pete's Mom. The sun rays are a gift from God.
      You don't have to be a millionare to have beautiful centerpieces on your table! 


  1. It is a beautiful centerpiece. Well done! I'm sure your friends enjoyed it. The book you mention sounds like one I would enjoy. I will try to remember it.

  2. Thanks Joyful! I think you would enjoy it - and any book by Edith Schaeffer (I love L'Abri by her as well).

  3. Andrea, I'm sorry you had trouble with MOH donate button. Can you let me know what kind of a problem? If you had an issue, perhaps someone else will as well. We need to try and fix it. Thanks so much for your donation. May God bless you!


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