Wednesday, July 20, 2011

50 Things in 201 Days

Since finding out I have adrenal fatigue two months ago, I have been forcing myself to go at a tortoise pace. (I'm not supposed to spend more energy than I actually have - HA!). So I have not done much with this blog or with the things on my "50 Things" list. In fact, I have decided that I WILL finish this list, but I am giving myself two years instead of one. I am determined to complete these goals, but I don't think I will have enough energy for all of them in 2011. Especially the exercise goals - if I walked 60 miles a month right now, I would be in bed the rest of the time, and I would have to tell Pete, "Sorry babe, no dinner, I have to reach my exercise goal!" (On a rather strange note, I have actually lost 5 pounds NOT exercising much at all, and introducing meat, and I mean at almost every meal! Best diet plan I've ever been on - loving it!)
     But I have managed to cross another goal off of my list, for which I feel like singing:
30. Have trash men pick up old broken televisions and rotting bedframe
Not only did we get rid of the broken televisions (there were actually two- loooonnng story), we took them, as my friend Stephanie suggested, to a recycling center.  And Pete used a pick ax to save the wood from the bedframe, part of which he used to build my garden bed. So I one-upped my own list for once ;).

What are your goals? Keep after them - even if at a tortoise pace- you will accomplish them eventually if you don't give up!


  1. Hi, so nice to see your post. I totally agree that you need to spread your goals out over a longer period of time to ensure you have enough energy. I have to do the same. Whatever doesn't get done in one year, goes over to the next. That way meeting goals is more enjoyable. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your summer :-)

  2. It definately is more enjoyable, and more possible as well!


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