Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Window Art

          When I was in college, I went on a mission trip to North Africa and on the way, we stopped over in England for three days. One of my favorite things about England was the window boxes and hanging flower pots in front of all the stores! Ever since I have dreamed of having a house with window boxes, and filling them with beautiful flowers.
          So I was thrilled when we were checking out the one-room-flat-above-the-garage where we now live, and I saw that it has some beautiful window boxes. (Between that and the view, I was sold, even though the house came without an AC!) This will be the year that I fill them with beautiful flowers!

Aren't they charming!

One of my favorite flowers that grow in San Diego are "Grandpa Ottis' Morning Glories". They aren't easy to find in nurseries, and are several dollars a plant, so of course I bought seeds!  I really want them to be spilling over the edges of the window boxes, with some Lavendar and Black-eyed Susan's (which my friend Marie gave me seeds for!) in the background for heighth.  I just planted the Lavendar and Black-eyed Susan seeds today, but I've been growing the morning glories from seed for two month's now. I have about four vines growing successfully. I discovered the first flower today:

Can't you see the flower is singing praise to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?!


  1. So cute. I can understand why you like window boxes. I do too but you don't see them much where I live.

  2. I love the details on your shutters and boxes. The window boxes are going to look so lovely when your flowers are in full bloom.

  3. Joyful, they aren't common where we live either - we got lucky and found an old fashioned backhouse with old fashioned touches!

  4. Patti Bee - I love them too! I hope that I will be successful in growing these flowers as I am a very novice gardener - if not, I'll have fun in the process!


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