Wednesday, May 4, 2011


When life brings unexpected heartache and pain, it helps me to focus on my future hope so that I don't slip into depression. I believe that future hope is spending eternity with God in heaven, for those who have put their trust in Christ as their Savior.

We will live with God forever!
Painting by Ted Larson
God will wipe away all our tears - there will be nothing to make us sad!

God will be our light and there will be no darkness at all! My nephew Timmy won't have any more nightmares about "roars" ;)

Only glorified people will be there - no unrepentant hypocrites or creeps!

And best of all, we will be continually in God's presence. God who is light. God who is pure. God who is love.


  1. Have you read "Heaven is for Real"? I think you'd love it! Thanks for an inspiring post.

  2. I haven't - it sounds good! Have you read "Rumours of Another World" by Phillip Yancy?


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