Saturday, January 1, 2011

50 Things in 365 days

With God's grace, in 2011 I resolve to:

Writing Goals
1. Blog six days a week
2. Finish writing short story "16th and Island"
3. Try to get "16th and Island" published

Spiritual Goals
4. Read the Bible everyday
5 Pray 10 Minutes everyday (at least)
6. Make a real prayer list and don't lose it! :)
7. Spend one day a month in serious prayer
8. Memorize Genesis 1 and John 1

Financial Goals
9. Continue budgeting at the beginning of each month
10. Continue balancing checkbook each week while praising God for online banking :)
11. Save at least 25$ more a month
12. Pay off the car I wrecked a year and a half ago
13. Save for a laproscopic surery
14. Pay down at least $1000 extra on smallest student loan
15. Give ___ $ more a month

Health Goals
16. Remember to take pills everyday :)
17. Exercise 6 days a week
18. Walk at least 60 miles a month
19. Do weight training 3 times a week
20. Eat salad 4 times a week
21. Eat NO SUGAR all year
22. Eat NO WHEAT all year
23. Eat no dairy all year
24. Eat no red meat all year
25. Get tested for wheat allergy
26. Get laproscopic surgery
27. Lose and KEEP off these last stubborn 35 pounds!

Cleaning/ Organizing Goals
28. Dust really well once a week
29. Put shelves into bedroom for organizing clothes
30. Have trash men pick up old broken television and molding bedframe
31. Buy new iron and ironing board for FASTER ironing!
32. Put in two sturdy clotheslines to replace the one which almost touches ground when full :

Calligraphy Goals
33. Start a shop on etsy
34. Learn 3 new fonts

Ministry Goals
35. Find an easy to understand history of Old Testament for Wanda
36. Edit Pete's New Testament Survey notes in time for them to be published by fall
37. Add graphics and pictures to all of Pete's New Testament Survey Power Points by end of year
38. Summarize main points of "Basic Greek Grammer" by Mounce for Pete's summer Greek class
39. Raise at least $100 dollars for homeless children through blogging and calligraphy

Gardening Goals
40. Plant Morning Glories in window boxes and keep them alive
41. Plant spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, asain carrots, and butterleaf lettuce
42. Grow these things successfully :)
43. Make another row of compost trench

44. Finish hand-mending pair of jeans I've been working on for three months!
45. Buy a sewing machine
46. Take a class on how to use sewing machine
47. Complete one simple project

Cooking Goals
48. Bake 1 loaf of gluten-free bread (this will be the year!)
49. Learn 3 new Thai dishes
50. Organize recipes!!!!

What are your New Years Resolutions?


  1. wow girl that is an inspiring list! I was reading it going "I want to do that!", "and that!". "and that!". haha
    I am sure you will accomplish a lot this year. And, I love your blog!

  2. Thanks sis! I can't wait for you to "guest write"!

  3. I think I need to beef up my own resolution list!


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