Friday, December 31, 2010

Entering 2011 (a baby step closer to) Debt Free

Pete and I had the goal of paying off all medical debt in 2010 - and by the skin of our teeth, we just made it!  We started off the year with five medical bills we weren't sure how to pay, and as small claims court or wage garnishment were not options we were willing to consider, we decided that drastic times called for drastic measures. So it has been an exciting year of choosing fresh food at home over overpriced artery clogging fastfood, learning lots of new recipes that involve the legume family, and perfecting my skills as a seamstress (i.e. learning how to mend). But then several emergencies came up last minute, and we thought we would have to wait until next year to finish. A tad bit disappointing considering I had learned 50 different ways to make beans and rice this year (just kidding). Yet with these economic times we were just feeling blessed to know how all our bills would get paid and to have a roof over our head and electricity. Then yesterday afternoon, when we realized Pete got paid more than we had budgeted for one of his classes, we were able to send in the remaining balance on the last remaining bill.  God is so gracious in blessing us by allowing us to make this goal - He is so thoughtful!

What goals have you accomplished this year? Financial or otherwise?


  1. We kept our vow to not use credit cards unless they were paid off immediately!


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