Sunday, June 5, 2011

50 Things on the Shelf (for Now)

I have not been blogging as much lately, but not because I've lost interest! You would think that being home I'd have more time to blog, but this summer the opposite has proved the case. The first reason is because I have been very busy helping Pete grade Greek - he is teaching an intensive class - two years in one summer! on top of working at Starbucks, teaching Karate, and teaching online. So he needs all the help I can give him, especially because the textbook has no answer key. I am creating the answer key for next time around! And I've thoroughly enjoyed myself - it is the perfect opportunity to refresh myself in the basics, and it has helped my reading in the Greek New Testament. For anyone who has been able to read Jesus' words in the original language, and realize things like "this subjunctive verb shows how willing He was to die for us" knows what an immense and incredible JOY this is! So blogging has gone on the back burner to give way to paradigms and parsing. (I am going to at least try to get back into the groove of writing "16th and Island", though, before I forget too many details!)
    The other reason for my blogging hiatus is I've recently been diagnosed with something called "Adrenal Fatigue". All this means is my adrenal glands don't produce enough of the right hormones, so I get tired very easily. One of the best ways to recover is to rest when you are tired, something I have never been good at. I've been forcing myself to develop this discipline, because I want to recover before we have kids so that I am not fainting while holding a newborn! This means that somethings just don't get done, and when the choice is between cooking dinner and hanging out with a friend, or cooking dinner and blogging, blogging is the first to go!  This also means that I may not accomplish every thing on my "50 Things" list this year - in fact, I am putting that on the shelf for now - (unless I get bored and need something to do, but that seems unlikely at the moment). I am ok with this, because at least I have a diagnosis, and my first priority is to figure out how to get better. I think that I find way too much value in my own productivity, and God is really teaching me to just rest in His unconditional love, and to trust in Him. He doesn't judge me for being too tired to organize the garage, or to bake bread from scratch, or to dust behind the sofa  - I am righteous in Christ, and He is working in me to form me into His image. 
        God willing, I will get back to crossing things off my "50 Things" list in a few weeks or months. But for now, I am translating some Greek and going to bed early.

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