Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Learning From Teenagers About Love

When you think about 13 year old girls and love, what is the first word that pops into your head?

Probably not wisdom.

But read these words from a 13 year old girl in our youth group (her name is Grace) about love:

"If you are in middle school/high school and you're reading this, YOU ARE NOT IN LOVE.  You may think you are, but it is temporary. trust me. You cannot have love without God, he must be the forefront of every relationship.
I believe that love means you are ready to give your life up to someone, give up your hopes and dreams for theirs. You love that person so much you want to spend every second of your life being with them. You want to have children.They are your everything. Even after years of being together, the sight of their smile still makes your knees week. They make you feel special and beautiful. That is love. Love is what makes life so beautiful."
Check out her blog at

Now don't tell me that adults can't learn from teenagers!

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