Saturday, February 5, 2011

50 Things in 35 Days

This week I focused on calligraphy (34. Learn 3 new fonts) and I learned a new font which I really love - Spencerian! It is truly exciting to learn a new fonts or techniques - almost like learning a new language in which to express worship to God through art.
          I finally went to the doctor to see if he would give me antibiotics to get over what turned out to be bronchitis, and it turns out I have developed a reaction to Amoxicillan (tremors, insomnia, nauseau). I didn't realize for about three days that it was the medicine that was causing these symtpoms, but I am finally feeling better once I stopped taking them. Now I am going to try going on a "raw food fast", at least for a week, to see if this will beat the bronchitis! This helped me get over a bout of bronchitis last spring, so I am crossing my fingers :). I will beat bronchitis, I will beat bronchitis, I will beat bronchitis!

I think that God is trying to teach me to humbly rely on Him. The most frustrating thing about being sick for so long is that I had all these plans of ways to help homeless kids in San Diego, like organizing a "fruit gleaning" project so that we could donate it to the homeless school downtown. And I am sort of scared all the delicious oranges and grapefruits hanging on trees around my neighborhood will rot before I get better! I want so much to do something to help these kids who go through so much and are so neglected, and it has been discouraging to be physically unable to do anything for them. But God is teaching me that He is the one who does His work, not me, and that any work done for Him needs to be accomplished first on my knees. George Muller, who worked with orphans in England in the 19th century, was a great man of prayer - he sought God to provide for each and every of the needs of the children in His care. That is what I need to do - to pray:
1) For God to put it on believer's hearts in San Diego to help homeless children in this community,
2) For God to provide these children with a way to hear the gospel,
3) For God to provide them with the clothes they need, especially socks and underwear,
4) For God to provide them with more nutritious food, and
5) For God to provide them with better medical care than the shoddy care they receive right now.
I am excited to see what our amazing God will do for these children!

My plans for next week are to -
1) Pray, pray, Pray!!
2) Go on a "raw food fast"
3) Keep plugging away at writing "16th and Island" and working on Pete's powerpoints

What are your plans/ goals for the week?


  1. Awesome post! My plans for this week include getting some rest, attending a church function and trying to sort/unpack some of the stuff I brought back from mom's. And I mustn't forget prayer and getting back into a routine of bible study and exercise.

  2. Joyful - welcome home and I hope you can catch up on your rest!

  3. I'm going to focus on getting better, then finishing all the prep work for the Valentine's Dinner.

    But a few thoughts regarding your desire to meet those needs:

    1. For our 18th birthday (there were 4 of us celebrating), in lieu of gifts, we asked that people brings school supplies and toiletries (we has a list of specifics) that we went and gave to Monarch High (is that the same high school?). What if our church hosted a fundraising event for the needs you specified? If I had thought if it ahead of time, we could have easily incorporated this into the Valentine's Dinner. =(

    2. Set up a basket in the back for gently used clothing, etc, and announce it in church. It would be a small start, but at least it would be a start, you know?

    I am in awe of your heart for these people. God is no doubt using you in a mighty way, much like George Mueller.

  4. Jessie Bee - I hope you get better soon! Thanks for planning the Valentines party - let me know if you need any help this week.

    Thanks for the ideas - I am sort of embarrassed, I'm nothing like George Mueller, just want to learn from him, you know! It is the Monarch school - they also have an elementary school (Gene goes there).

    The fundraiser is a great idea. I've been thinking of asking Shannon and Jer if they want to maybe do a Speak-up for the Monarch school, after they finish the one for the Illechnowitz (sure I am butchering their name!!!) If not (they may be lined up for months, maybe we could start with just a simple bake sale, or I could sell calligraphy after church, or something like that. And the basket in the back of the church is a great idea - small starts are what count!

  5. Just a thought with regard to your allergy - be careful of ceclor too. I am allergic to both amoxycillan and ceclor and apparently it is a reasonably 'common' combination of allergies. I only discovered my allergy to amoxycillan when I had my baby and ended up on a drip with adrenalin.

  6. It's funny to see all the variations of the spelling, but I think its closer to "Olechnowicz". =)

    After the Valentine's Dinner, let's start planning a fundraiser for Monarch!


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