Thursday, January 6, 2011

Calligraphy Fundraiser

When I was 11 years old, I had illegible handwriting. My mom, who homeschooled me and my five siblings, decided to do something about it. She made me learn calligraphy. At first I hated it - it hurt my hands and ink from the fountain pen got all over my fingers, clothes, the table, you name it! But as I got older, I began enjoying it more and more, and now I love it! I love taking a Scripture verse or creed  and figuring out the best color, font, and spacing to communicate it's truth and beauty.

This week's featured calligraphy is from Proverbs 31:8 -

They cost 5$ each, plus shipping and handling, or 8$ for the set, plus shipping and handling.

All the proceeds this month will go to helping a homeless mother and child that Pete and I know to fix their car.  (The mechanic will be paid directly).
Having their car running will make it much safer for the little boy, who is eight years old.

You may leave a comment or email me with your address if you are interested:


  1. What a super fundraiser! Can I advertise it for you?

    I so agree with you re a clean home! :)

  2. Frugal Trenches - oh my goodness that would be awesome if you wanted to advertise it! Let me know what information you need!

  3. Great idea Andrea! Can't wait for you to get started on etsy!

  4. Thanks Heather! That's my goal for next week!

  5. I love the calligraphy and am bookmarking your blog. Thanks for sharing!


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