Saturday, January 8, 2011

50 Things in 7 Days

This week has been remarkably productive, considering Pete and I have been battling a stealthy peek-a-boo virus since Christmas! Seeing written down all that I wanted to get done this year I realized I needed to get organized and did a "New Year's cleaning" of our entire one-bedroom flat.

From the list I completed:
6. Make a real prayer list and don't lose it! :)   Well, haven't lost it yet :)
29. Put shelves into bedroom for organizing clothes   See "Frugal Tip from the Green Housewife"

As far as long-term goals go:

Spiritual - Bible reading is going well - I've enjoyed reading I and II Timothy, Titus, and Hebrews. Hebrews is so captivating, talking about our Great High Priest and the New Country we are looking forward to by faith.  But I have been realizing how anemic my prayer life is! Some days it has been a struggle to focus for 10 minutes on talking to the God of the universe. I need to focus on worshipping God for who He is - if I truly saw Him as being everywhere, holy, all-powerful, all-loving, at all-times, prayer would be a delight, not something I just tried to cross off my list.

Health - Obviously I couldn't exercise much this week, although I managed to eek out 6 miles. Had a few bites of hamburger and one cheese stick (forgot about the no dairy goal momentarily!), but turned down delicious chocolate brownies and birthday cake at the church potluck :).  Focusing on these goals will help me get more done this year!

Writing - So far, so good. Realizing that I am not good at descriptions of places, so my self-imposed deadline of posting "16th and Island" once a week is forcing me to not procrastinate.

Next Week I am focusing on beginning to:
8. Memorize Genesis 1 and John 1
33. Start a shop on etsy

What are your New Year's Resolutions? Goals for this week?


  1. Thanks Joyful! I read the goals you have posted on your blog - we have a lot in common! I liked what you said about "no pressure".

  2. Great progress, Andrea! Keep it up! Here's my list of goals for this year:

  3. Thanks Ashley! I love your cooking and reading goals especially!

  4. Love reading your blog...I see you post on fb that it is updated, and then I find myself here!

  5. Thanks Chris! Excited to get your prayer updates!


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